Registration and breakfast 



Johan Ramsten (CEO Hallvarsson & Halvarsson) and
Pär Jörgen Pärsson (Northzone) 


Årsredovisningsseminarium 2018 – Parallellseminarium B

Trender och goda exempel från årsredovisningsskörden 2017 (svenska)
Maria Hanell, Executive Director, chef  för finansiell rapportering på H&H

Erfarenheter från årsredovisningslagens nya hållbarhetskrav (svenska)
Åse Bäckström, Executive Director, chef för Sustainability Affairs på H&H

Rörlig media inom finansiell kommunikation – trender och strategier (svenska)
Niclas Grunewald, vd på Creo

Avslutning och sammanfattning av Årsredovisningsseminariet (svenska)
Sarah Östberg, Director, Head of Communication Management på H&H


Making sense of financial communication Chinese style - Parallel session A

Speaker: Frédéric Cho, Vice chairman of Sweden-China Trade Council.

China has emerged as a major investor internationally, including in the Nordics. What implications does that have on the Nordic capital markets and financial communication? What do we in the Nordics need to know in order to conduct business and communicate successfully with Chinese counterparts? (English)


Leadership in an era of change and uncertainty - Parallel session A

Paneldeltagare: Tidigare statssekreterare i finansdepartementet - Sten Olsson (S) och Hans Lindberg (M) 

Moderatorer: Ulrica Schenström och Dan Svanell

Hur kommer det som nu sker i USA, Storbritannien, Ryssland, Mellanöstern och övriga världen att påverka valet i Sverige den 9 september? Snabb digital information och desinformation omkullkastar världspolitikens funktionssätt som vi känner den. Hur skapas policy i en värld där en tweet från Donald Trump får lika stor betydelse som årsrapporten från norska oljefonden eller en svensk statlig utredning om kommande lagstiftning för bankerna? Vilka effekter får det på våra nordiska länders ekonomi och möjligheter till reformer?

Två tidigare statssekreterare i finansdepartementet - Sten Olsson (S) och Hans Lindberg (M) - som, bägge varit budgetansvariga dels i regeringen Persson dels i regeringen Reinfeldt, resonerar kring dessa frågeställningar. (svenska)


Mifid II and the consequences for company coverage - Parallel session A

Panelists; ; Johan Ståhl (Lannebo), Pernilla Grennfelt (Gränges), Christer Linde (ABG), Nicklas Fhärm (SEB). 
Moderator: Stefan Olsson

The new Mifid II requirements for the investment management industry, is one of the EU’s most ambitious packages of financial reforms. Included in the reforms is a dramatically changed investment research model, requiring fund managers to budget separately for research and trading costs payable to brokers. Managers will need to split out the cost of research, which is used to help make investment decisions, from the cost of buying and selling securities. The cost may in the end be transferred from fund managers to companies themselves, as analyst houses are trying to find new income streams for their research. What will this mean for company coverage and IRO’s efforts to increase the visibility of their company? Will commissioned reports rise and the view on commissioned reports change? And what will Mifid II and the transfer of costs mean for IRO’s access to consensus estimates while trying to manage market expectations? This and much more will be discussed at the panel, which will be moderated by Stefan Olsson, former equities analyst at Swedbank and currently at Hallvarsson & Halvarsson.   (svenska)


Coffee Break


Who will back tomorrow's sustainable business?

Panelists: Magnus Billing (Alecta), Anna Ryott (Norrsken Foundation), Henrik Sundström (Electrolux), Hanna Brogren (Sveriges Kommunikatörer), Åse Bäckström ( H&H). 
Moderator: Thomas Frostberg (DN)

Much has been achieved since the United Nations’ 2030 agenda for sustainable development “called upon all businesses to apply their creativity and innovation to solving sustainable development challenges” in 2015. At the same time the UN’s latest progress report finds that “the pace of progress must accelerate to achieve the SDGs.”The financial sector bears a crucial role in the transformation towards a more sustainable business and earlier this year the European Commission’s High-Level Expert Group on Sustainable Finance (HLEG) presented an extensive set of recommendations for ways in which legislation can support the development of a sustainable finance market. Who are the financial actors that successfully back tomorrow’s sustainable business and what must be done so that others follow suit? What are examples of concrete measures that can be taken and how do we implement and communicate them? These and other issues will be discussed by our panel, which will be moderated by Thomas Frostberg. (svenska)




Transactions: How to make regulative information communicative

Panelists: Ann Grevelius (Opti),  Charlotte Stjerngren and Joakim Strid. 
Moderator: Helena Nordman-Knutson (Head of transaction communications at H&H)

We believe that communication does make a difference, when addressing all your stakeholders in a transaction process. Transparent and correct communication is an essential element in all transactions, but you need to add a bit of flavour to make the numbers fly. Good communication adds, among many other things, great value and builds trust and helps you set the expectations right. On this issue we have invited a distinguished panel representing the media angle, sell side angle, investor angle and regulative angle. (Svenska)


The Stock Exchange's view on financial communication in the light of new European regulations

Speaker: Lauri Rosendahl, CEO of Nasdaq Nordic.

Lauri Rosendahl on how the importance of financial communication increases as new regulations changes the conditions for listed companies. As the new MAR Regulations from 2016 place higher demands on listed companies' disclosure, the MiFID II regulatory requirements for independent analysis have, too, made it more difficult for smaller listed companies to reach out. How does the stock exchange interpret this development, and how can the company's IR maximize visibility while ensuring that the information follows the rules? Lauri will present his discuss the issue as well as comment on the latest happenings on the stock exchange.  (English)


Coffee Break


Keynote: Navigating tomorrow’s economy

Keynote speaker: Philippa "Pippa" Malmgren, former economic adviser to US President George W. Bush and Barack Obama. 

Dr. Pippa Malmgren, ranked by, amongst others, the Economist as one of the world’s most influential geopolitical thinkers, runs through the changing geopolitical balance with the explosion of new technologies as a base. What drives global change? And how can we learn to understand it? 

How does the emerging hub for IT outsourcing in Lagos passing Bangalore in size affect us? What role does the economic rise of Mexico play geopolitically, and how will the ever-growing influence of China impact the political landscape? How will Putin’s statement that “AI is the new frontier of international politics” affect the Nordic region? And, how will China’s possible implementation of a Social Credit score affect 1 billion people and their contacts? 

Known to swim against the current, Dr Malmgren also predicts an extraordinary growth in the capital markets the coming years and draws parallels to the very beginning of the first industrial revolution.




Ekonomijournalistpriset 2018

Priset, som i år delas ut för det 22:a året i rad, belönar årets bästa affärsmedia och ekonomijournalister inom ett flertal kategorier, och som vanligt är det proffsläsarna och näringslivet som rankar vilka de anser vara bäst. Det slutliga priset för ”Årets bästa ekonomijournalist – alla kategorier” delas ut av Christer Gardell, Cevian Capital.



Mingle with food and drinks. 



Pippa Malmgren
Political and Economic Advisor

Author, trend spotter and financial advisor to some of the world's largest economies and companies.

Dr. Pippa Malmgren is a trend spotter who advises investors and governments about economic policy and investment strategy. She anticipated the Financial Crisis in 2007, the slowdown in China, Brexit, Trump and the return of inflation. Pippa was named one of the Top 20 Most Influential Economists by Richtopia. She has previously served as the special assistant to the president of the United States for economic policy on the National Economic Council, and is a former member of the U.S. President’s Working Group on Financial Markets.

Lauri Rosendahl
President of Nasdaq Nordic and Nasdaq Stockholm

President of Nasdaq Nordic and Nasdaq Stockholm

Rosendahl was the President of Nasdaq Helsinki from 2009 to 2016. In addition to his role as President of Nasdaq Nordic, which includes the exchanges in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Iceland and the Baltics, he is also Senior Vice President of European Cash Equity and Equity Derivatives. Rosendahl has over 20 years of experience in the financial markets, having held several senior management positions within securities trading, equity research and investment banking with several banks and brokerage firms, including Deutsche Bank, ABN Amro / Alfred Berg, Carnegie and Kaupthin

Ann Grevelius
Board Member, Advisor & Entrepreneur

Ann Grevelius, Chairman of the Board at Opti and a several time award-winning fund manager with almost 20 years of experience within Asset Management.

Grevelius was previously CIO and Global Head of Investment Strategy at SEB. During her career she has managed several mutual funds successfully within various verticals, ranging from stocks to asset allocation and across a variety of geographies. She has also been heading Swedish and Nordic Equities at SEB and Svenska Handelsbanken, as well as managing Sweden´s largest multi-Family Office at SEB Wealth Management. Grevelius graduated from Uppsala University and holds a BSc in Finance and Management.

Joakim Strid
Financial markets specialist

Financial markets specialist with 20+ years of experience from regulation, compliance and risk management.

Joakim has been Head of Market Surveillance at Nasdaq for thirteen years, the last four of which he held the role Head of European Surveillance, being responsible for the surveillance program with regards to both issuers, members and trading across Nasdaq’s market places in the region. Before joining Nasdaq, Joakim worked as a Compliance Officer at AP3, a title he prior to that held within Nordea Securities, where he was also Head of Middle Office. Joakim currently works in an advisory capacity within the financial markets area and he is a member of the Swedish Securities Council.

Anna Ryott
Deputy CEO of Norrsken Foundation

Deputy CEO Norrsken with the professional aim to eradicate poverty and fight climate change through sustainable and profitable business.

Anna Ryott has extensive professional experience from business and civil society organisations. She worked most recently as CEO of Swedfund, the Swedish Government's Development Finance Institution. Before that she worked as the Secretary General of SOS Children's Villages Sweden and Deputy Secretary General of UNICEF Sweden. In business she worked at Storåkers McCann, McKinsey and Hagströmer & Qviberg. Ann Ryott also sits on the board in the World Childhood Foundation, the UN Foundation Global Entrepreneurs Council and the board of Axel Johnson.

Anna Ryott holds a M.Sc. from Stockholm University. In 2014, she was awarded H.M. The King's Medal for "Significant contributions to Swedish society and industry".

Magnus Billing
CEO of Alecta

The CEO of Alecta and previous CEO of Nasdaq Nordic and Nasdaq Stockholm. Magnus Billing also served as Senior Vice President of Nordic Fixed Income.

During 2017 he was part of the expert group appointed by the European Commission to develop recommendations for a sustainable financial market and whose final report was presented in January 2018. Magnus is a board member of the board of The Association for Generally Accepted Principles in the Securities Market, Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum, Swedish House of Finance, Federation of European Securities Exchanges etc.

Hanna Brogren
CEO of the Swedish Communication Association

General Secretary and CEO of the Swedish Communication Association

Hanna Brogren started her career as PhD student in 1996 and then designed successful and innovative communication campaigns that ran for years. Hanna then handled media relations and analysed the government’s actions following the m/s Estonia catastrophe.

In 2001, when Sweden held its first presidency of the EU, Hanna Brogren was in charge of communication strategy and implementation, which led to substantially improved knowledge about EU related affairs in the population. Since then she has been Director of Communication at the Swedish Government Offices and the City of Stockholm, moving these organisations forward in digitalisation, positioning and increased transparency. She was deputy chair of the Swedish Communication Association between the years 2012-17 and since 2017 she is its General Secretary and CEO, committed to the vision of increasing value generated through communicative organisations.

Hans Lindberg
CEO of the Swedish Bankers' Association and former State Secretary of the Ministry of Finance of Sweden

Sten Olsson
 Consultant and former State Secretary of the Ministry of Finance of Sweden

Christer Gardell
Managing Partner & co-founder, Cevian Capital AB

Frédéric Cho
Vice chairman of Sweden-China Trade Council

Frédéric Cho is the only person in the Nordics, and among very few in Europe, who has worked with all parts of the Chinese financial sector (banking, insurance, investment banking, asset management and equities) and also in life science and media, for various Swedish and international firms. Frédéric Cho holds a B.A. from Stockholm University, studied at Peking University 1982-84, and was a Ph.D. candidate in Sinology at Stockholm University before embarking on a business career with China in 1986. He has lived and worked for altogether 18 years in China (including Hong Kong and Taipei). Founder of Frédéric Cho Advisory AB, vice chairman of Sweden-China Trade Council and author of the book ”Kina enligt Cho – en ny fas” (2014)

Charlotte Stjerngren
Financial market specialist

Charlotte Stjerngren, free agent specialising in financial market communication and investor relations with over 20 years of stock market experience.

Stjerngren was most recently editor-in-chief at the financial news web-tv channel where she also served as news anchor for the daily business show Börslunch. For that she was rated Sweden’s top-2 financial journalist in 2017. She has also spent over 10 years a financial sell-side analyst covering mostly small caps, tech and telecom companies. Stjerngren graduated from Stockholm School of Economics and holds an MSc in Finance and Economics, she also holds a jur. kand. in law from the University of Stockholm.

Pär-Jörgen Pärson
General Partner, Northzone

Pär-Jörgen Pärson has been an investor since the late 1990s. His primary areas of focus are disruptive businesses in consumer internet, media, and fintech. He invested in Spotify's Series A round in 2008 and served on its board for nine years. He has over the years also invested in Avito, Pricerunner and many others. 

Henrik Sundström
Vice President, Group Sustainability Affairs

Henrik Sundström has worked at Electrolux Group since 1986. With a master's degree in chemical engineering (Polymer Technology), he started as responsible for Polymer Process Development at Electrolux Research and Innovation. In 1990, he set up the Research and Innovation group in the US. In 1992, he returned to Sweden as head of the Materials and Processing department. In 1996, Sundström became R&D Director for the Product Division Cold, and Director for Environmental and Sustainable Development in 1999. The following year he started in his current position as Vice President for Electrolux Sustainability Affairs.

Thomas Frostberg
Editor Dagens Nyheter Global Development

As Global Development Editor Thomas Frostberg is leading an example of a more holistic approach to journalism about challenges in the world, sustainability and solutions.

As a business reporter and columnist Thomas Frostberg has developed a focus on sustainability and CSR, social entrepreneurship and impact investing. Since 2016 he is the Editor for Dagens Nyheter’s special reporting on global development and the role of the private sector in achieving the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. Prior to that Thomas Frostberg has covered startups, tech entrepreneurs and venture capital for almost 20 years for newspapers like San Francisco Chronicle and Sydsvenska Dagbladet as well as the Scandinavian newsagency Rapidus, which he co-founded in 1999 and used to be the Editor in Chief and CEO for. He has also been an Innovation Journalism fellow at Stanford University.

Pernilla Grennfelt
SVP Communications & Investor Relations, Granges

Pernilla Grennfelt has worked with financial communications for more than 20 years. She started her career as a stock broker in the mid-1990’s. In 1999 she joined News Agency Direkt as a journalist and editor, which gave her deep insight into various industries, communication practices and the people behind. In 2005 she became Head of IR at Hakon Invest, at the time the main owner of ICA AB, and was later responsible for communication when ICA AB became ICA Gruppen. Since 2014, Pernilla Grennfelt is SVP Communications & IR and member of the management team at Gränges, a global aluminium company listed on Nasdaq Stockholm, Mid Cap segment. 

Christer Linde
Co-Head of Global Research, ABG

Johan Ståhl
Portfolio Manager, Lannebo

Johan Ståhl is Head of Asset Management and Vice President at Lannebo Fonder and manages the small-cap fund Lannebo Småbolag. He has more than 25 years of experience from capital markets as stock broker, analyst and asset manager working for Lannebo Fonder, Carnegie and Öhman among others. Being a long-timer in the market, he was a stock broker already in the days of floor trading in Stockholm. He was also one of the pioneers in small-cap company research and has been rated the best small-cap analyst in Sweden several times.

Nicklas Fhärm
Head of SEB Corporate Research

Starting with Small & Mid-cap equity research in 1997, Nicklas has accumulated over 20 years of experience as a financial analyst, mainly focusing on Consumer related companies, including in the Media & Leisure sector. Nicklas covers Retail & Consumer Goods and has received top-rankings in his sector for the past 15 years and has been voted amongst the top-10 most highly rated analysts in Sweden since 2009. Nicklas is a member of SEB Research Management, heading the Equity Research product in Sweden in 2012-2017 and today is Head of SEB Corporate Research.